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Nine / Firefly November 20, 2010

No less than three Nine-era crossovers with Firefly. Enjoy.


Title: Out of Joint
Author: HonorH
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 44597
Characters: Ninth Doctor, Rose Tyler, Jack Harkness, Mal Reynolds, River Tam, Inara Serra, Book, Simon Tam, Jayne Cobb, Kaylee Frye

I haven’t read this yet (not wanting to be any more spoiled for Firefly, which I’ve not yet seen) but this author writes excellent crossovers, and this long fic doesn’t look as if it’s any exception.


Title: Cover Stories
Author: ChristinaK
Rating: Teen (For Jack, and several cases of accidental nudity, and Jack)
Word Count: 3266
Characters: Jack Harkness, Ninth Doctor, Rose Tyler, Mal Reynolds, Inara Serra, River Tam, Zoe Washburne, Simon Tam, Kaylee Frye

There’s a party with a defabricator and two sets of people trying to walk off with a priceless artefact. This is very entertaining and excellently done. As above, Teen warning for Jack and several cases of nudity (including Jack).


Title: Respite (The Unquiet Dead)
Author: kaydee falls
Rating: All ages / PG
Word Count: 1997
Characters: Ninth Doctor, Rose Tyler, Jack Harkness, River Tam

Lovely, well-written, thoughtful crossover with excellent use of River to bring an enlightening perspective to the TARDIS team.


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