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Doctor Who fanfiction crossovers recs & more

About StarCrossed March 29, 2009

I wanted to collect together some of the brilliant crossover fics I’ve come across, with some reviews. I expect I’m duplicating some else’s work, but I find crossovers hard to track down. So here goes…

There will be links only on this blog and if anyone objects to any reference to their story being made here, it will be removed at once. (On general, I’m working on the principle that nobody minds having someone say what a great story they’ve written or getting them new readers).

This may prove to be a clumsy way of doing this, but we shall see. (I will link to some of my own stories, because I do have a tendency to write odd crossovers with DW, but I won’t start giving them glowing reviews.)

I should add that I don’t tend to read ‘adult’ rated fics, so for anything above All Ages and the occasional Teen, you won’t find what you’re after.

I will try to make an effort to include some crossovers for shows / fandoms I don’t know, too. I’m starting with the ones I do, though, for obvious reasons.

And sometimes if I come across a fantabulous piece of fan fic that gets me excited (Doctor Who, or not) I will do an occasional Random Fic! post.


Doctor Who is copyright of the BBC; this blog is written purely for love of the fics and the show; while all fics written here were written purely for love of the show.


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