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Blackadder February 2, 2011

Title: Getting the Boot
Author: johne
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 997
Characters: Samantha Briggs, Jamie McCrimmon, Second Doctor, The Duke of Wellington.

In an alternate universe where Sam went with the Doctor and Jamie, they run into Blackadder’s version of Wellington. Funny, fun and with happy Sam/Jamie fluff, too.


Blackadder March 29, 2009

Only the one for the moment, but it’s a stunningly good crossover, so that’ll do:

Just Impediment by Doyle
All Ages
Word Count: 4961
Characters: Tenth Doctor, Edmund Blackadder, Baldrick, Percy, Queen Elizabeth I.

This is just about as perfect as comedy crossovers get. Go read, even if you don’t know Blackadder. The Tenth Doctor has to enlist the help of one Edmund Blackadder to stop a marriage. Much sarcasm and hilarity ensues.

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