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Elinor M. Brent-Dyer – Chalet School April 7, 2011

Title: another time (around the wheel)
Author: thankyouturtle
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 14,377
Characters: Eleventh Doctor, Simone Lecoutier, Joey Bettany, Len Maynard, Con Maynard, Margot Maynard, Elise Lepattre, Grizel Cochrane.

A thoughtful, interesting and properly timey-wimey crossover. (So much so I’m unsure whether to say it will only make sense for CS fans, or whether it actually might be easier to read as a CS newbie in other ways). Sort of AU, sort of not. (I did say time-wimey, yes?)


Chalet School April 18, 2009

What the heck, let’s not go too mainstream just yet…! (For the uninitiated, the Chalet School series by Elinor M. Brent-Dyer ran from 1925-1970), the early stories being set in Austria, the last run in Switzerland.

Two CS/DW AUs:
Sarah Jane of the Chalet School by paranoidangel
All Ages; AU
Word Count: 26,065
Characters: Sarah Jane Smith, Harry Sullivan, Joey Bettany, Madge Russell, Grizel Cochrane, Juliet Carrick, James Russell, Jack Maynard (et al.)

Sarah is in need of a job and gets a teaching post at the Annexe of her old school. Meanwhile, Dr Harry Sullivan joins the Sanatorium. (Despite this, it doesn’t end the way Elinor would have ended it.)


Companions at the Chalet School by hhertzof
All Ages; AU
Word Count: 36,184
Characters: Sarah Jane Smith, Barbara Wright, Josephine Grant, Ace McShane, Tenth Doctor, Seventh Doctor; Hilda Annersley, Joey Maynard, Kathie Ferrars, Althea Glenyon (et al.)

This is in many ways so true to the series and could almost not be an AU if you wanted it not to be. Seven’s actions around the scene (including getting himself a teaching post briefly), Sarah and Ace’s “I think we’re going to be the girls who don’t fit in.” and the loving but merciless employment of just about every Chalet School cliche makes this well worth a read for fans of both series.

hhertzof has also written this short Chalet cross:

A Letter to Joey
All Ages
Word Count: 937
Characters: Joey Maynard, Sarah Jane Smith, Harry Sullivan, the triplets.

Sarah writes a letter to Joey after the Invasion of the Bane. (I’d match Harry with a different trip, but that’s a minor quibble.) What Sarah doesn’t write is more telling than what she does.