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The Chronicles of Narnia April 5, 2009

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Just one so far, but it’s pretty much perfect. (Edit No, let;’s make that two…! Oh, three…)

From a World More Full of Weeping by Azar
All Ages
Word Count: 3056
Characters: Tenth Doctor, Susan Pevensie

(Post The Last Battle, so spoilers if you haven’t read that yet).
The Tenth Doctor meets someone who has lost as much as he has.


The Wooded World of Worlds by ladyyueh
PG / All Ages
Word Count: 1359
Characters: Ninth Doctor, Aslan

A post Time War despondent Nine waits in the Wood between the Worlds and needs a word or two from Aslan to set him back on his path. A lovely piece of work, which fits with both Narnia and DW, and the author has made a real effort to capture Lewis’s ‘voice’.


And a drabble, too:

Author: Calapine
Rating: All ages
Word Count: Drabble
Characters: Fourth Doctor, Romana II.

The Doctor knows where they are, of course. Of course he does…