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Pirates of the Caribbean November 19, 2009

And there’s more…

Title: Yo Ho Exterminate?
Author: Serinity46
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 994
Characters: Daleks, Captain Jack Sparrow

It has pirate Daleks. Drunk pirate Daleks. Does anything else matter?


Title: Devil of the Seas
Author: aikaterine26
Rating: All Ages / PG
Word Count: 47,211 (11 chapters) WIP (abandoned 2007)
Characters: Tenth Doctor, Martha Jones, Davy Jones, James Norrington, Calypso, Captain Jack Sparrow, Elizabeth Swann (& others)

This is an unusual crossover, being just a really good, long story set more in the world of POTC than simply messing around with Captain Jack. Martha and the Doctor wind up trapped aboard the Flying Dutchman. The Doctor escapes, but can Martha? Unfortunately it seems likely to stay unfinished, but the better part of it is here and it’s worth a mention, nonetheless.


Pirates of the Caribbean September 30, 2009

Title: So Much For Deserted Beaches
Author: Bad_Dickens
Rating: All ages / PG
Word Count: 3485
Characters: Jack Harkness, Ninth Doctor, Rose Tyler, Captain Jack Sparrow, Elizabeth Swann

Finally, a longer one in which both Captain Jacks meet with a fair bit of nonsense slipping into the slightest of gaps in the films. You might have known when the Doctor lands on a deserted island in the Caribbean, it’s not actually deserted. Jack has fun even if no one else does.


Pirates of the Caribbean August 12, 2009

Just a short, humorous piece for now:

Title: A Compass to Guide You
Author: jinxed_wood
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 296
Characters: Jack Harkness, Captain Jack Sparrow

Cap’n Jack, meet Captain Jack. Oh, yes.


Title: Mirages
Author: SarahMc
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: Drabble
Characters: Captain Jack Sparrow, Sixth Doctor

…And a Captain Jack drabble thrown in for good measure.