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The West Wing May 13, 2011

Exploration of Remix_Redux 2011 revealed two excellent West Wing crossovers, the original and the remix:

Title: The Doctor for America
Author: krabapple
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 3208
Characters: Tenth Doctor, Joshua Lyman, Leo McGarry, CJ Cregg, Toby Ziegler, Sam Seaborn, Josiah Bartlet, Donna Moss.

Leo has a new assistant he can’t stand. That would be the Doctor. This is great fun, and also a lovely sequence of vignettes of the Doctor snatching an important moment with each member of the Bartlet for America campaign staff.

Title: They’ve All Gone to Look for America (The Doctor’s Note Remix)
Author: pocky_slash
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 3878
Characters: Eleventh Doctor, Joshua Lyman, CJ Cregg, Sam Seaborn, Leo McGarry, Toby Ziegler

An engaging and very well-characterised remix of the above, in which Eleven finds time to take each of the main West Wing characters listed on a one-off trip in the TARDIS.


Multi-Fandoms September 27, 2009

DW/Man from UNCLE/ Sapphire and Steel/Sherlock Holmes/The West Wing:

Title: Search Engine
Author: eponymous_rose
Rating: PG
Word Count: 3894
Characters: Donna Noble, Tenth Doctor, C J Gregg, Joshua Lyman, Illya Kuryakin, Napoleon Solo, Sherlock Holmes, Dr Watson, Sapphire, Steel.

A wonderful bit of fun that’s still a great read even if you don’t know half the fandoms (like me).


DW/Georgette Heyer/Blake’s 7/ Buffy:

Title: On the Highway
Author: vvj5
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 5849
Characters: Fourth Doctor, Leela, Leonie, Rupert and Justin Alastair, Rupert Giles, Kerr Avon (fleetingly: Jenna Stannis, Willow Rosenberg, Xander Harris, Anya, Tara McClay)

In which a million to one meeting occurs in the 18th Century. With highwaymen.