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Stargate (SG1) August 2, 2009

Title: A Life Reflected
Author: jinxed_wood
Rating: All Ages / PG
Word Count: 2331
Characters: Jack Harkness, Gwen Cooper, Ianto Jones, Owen Harper, Toshiko Sato, Vala Mal Doran

Torchwood gets an unexpected visitor.


Discworld Again June 21, 2009

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Title: The Choir Invisible
Author: JJPOR
Rating: PG
Word Count: 420
Characters: Jack Harkness, Death

What do you know? It’s another Jack and Death fic. It’s definitely Meant To Be. And this is just as fun as the rest.


Sherlock Holmes June 7, 2009

Title: Tools of the Trade
Author: Padawanpooh
Rating: All Ages/ PG
Word Count: 935
Characters: Jack Harkness, Sherlock Holmes, Dr Watson

Jack in his travels through time the slow way encounters Sherlock Holmes in the 1890s. Nice.


Title: Murder at the Mill
Author: johne
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 1016
Characters: First Doctor, Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes encounters the First Doctor in the course of his investigations. And, of course, logic dictates Sherlock’s willingness to believe in the improbable. (And aren’t I lucky? This one was written for me!)


I should also mention that, while not exactly crossovers, John Elliott has also written a fair few Sherlock Holmes Storytime tales for This Time Round. These feature various narrators (from Dr Watson himself to the newest Master) retelling the stories with DW characters in the roles. It is indeed as crazy as it sounds, but also a huge amount of fun.

The Coming of the Hound (The Hound of the Baskervilles).
The Speckled Band
The Three Garridebs
The Bruce Partington Plans
The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton
The Adventure of the Engineer’s Thumb
The Adventure of the Musgrave Ritual


Angel & Buffy Again May 3, 2009

Two more good stories I found, one for each show:


Title: Edit
Author: Marcus Rowland
All Ages
Word Count: 4367
Characters: Ninth Doctor, Rose Tyler, Jack Harkness, Dawn Summers

The Doctor arrives in LA, 1997 and sense that someone’s been playing around with timelines. It’s a neat story based around Dawn’s insertion into Buffy’s timeline, which is an idea that makes huge sense for a Doctor Who crossover to deal with.



Title: Another Time, Another Place
Author: xwingace
PG (Mainly for featuring Jack and Spike and being Angel and Torchwood.)
Word Count: 2997
Characters: Jack Harkness, Spike, Fred Burkle, Harmony

Spike finds Cardiff under Harmony’s desk. It’s a fun fic (look at the character list) with a dark edge, because Torchwood are five years in the future and Angel’s team don’t seem to exist any more.


More Discworld April 13, 2009

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Death and the Definitely-Not-A-Maiden by Anonymous.
Word Count: 3678
Characters: Jack Harkness, Death, Susan Sto-Helit, Ianto Jones

More fun with Death and Jack. It’s beginning to look as if they’re made for one another… 😉


Diana Wynne Jones April 8, 2009

If I say there should be much more of these, will somebody write me some?

Howl’s Moving Castle

What Planet Are You From? by TigerKat
All Ages
Word Count: 755
Characters: Jack Harkness, Toshiko Sato, Owen Harper, Howl (Howell Jenkins), Sophie, Calcifer.

As TigerKat points out, Torchwood is based in Cardiff and investigates odd activity. Howl is from Cardiff and definitely counts as odd. And so two of the handsomest and vainest characters in sf/fantasy meet up, Owen becomes a frog and Sophie and Tosh are sensible. There’s only one complaint: please, please write the rest of the week…


The Tough Guide to Fantasyland

Naked Without A Sword by vvj5 (yes, me again. Sorry.)
All Ages / PG
Word Count: 300 (Three drabbles)
Characters: Seventh Doctor, Ace, Eighth Doctor, Charlotte Pollard, Fifth Doctor, Tegan Jovanka, Turlough.

I love DWJ’s The Tough Guide to Fantasyland (which should be called the Cure for Cliched Fantasy really). In these drabbles, three Doctors take the Tour and attempt to safely purchase a sword.


Discworld April 5, 2009

I’m all in awe of people who’ll risk Pratchett crossovers and even more so if they come off really well.

The Dalek Invasion of Discworld by TigerKat
All Ages (PG, mild swearing)
Word Count: 720
Characters: Daleks, Samuel Vimes, Ridcully, Nanny Ogg, Granny Weatherwax, Death, Rincewind, the Luggage.

If the title doesn’t make you want to go and read it, there’s nothing I can say. (Except that it does indeed do as it promises and it all ends exactly as you would expect.)


This is How the Universe Ends by googlebrat and perryvic
Word Count: 3827
Characters: Death, Jack Harkness

Jack’s inability to die is holding up the end of the universe. He and Death try to come to a solution. It works so well (particularly the game-play, which includes Monopoly, Twister and Cluedo) and the resolution is excellent. Very Death and typical Jack.


Trouble in Store by John Elliott
All Ages
Word Count: 15,840
Characters: Jamie McCrimmon, Second Doctor, Victoria Waterfield, Zoe Herriot, Samantha Briggs, Liz Shaw, Gia Kelly

Another This Time Round story, but a proper story, too, of a Pratchett plot (from Reaper Man invading Nameless. Jamie, Victoria, Zoe, Samantha Briggs, Gia Kelly and Liz Shaw team up to combat the threat and get more than they bargained for.