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Upstairs, Downstairs September 9, 2010

Title: 165 Eaton Place
Author: JJPOR
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 4431
Characters: Gerald Carter, Harriet Derbyshire, Richard Bellamy, Mr Hudson, Mrs Bridges, Edward, Rose, Daisy, Ruby, James Bellamy, Lord Charles Gilmour/ The Master,

An unexpected crossover in which Edwardian Torchwood need to retrieve something from the Bellamy household, who are currently playing host to a guest, who is very familiar to those who know Doctor Who. It’s just marvellous fun, and there’s no real need to know anything at all about the cross (or even Gerald and Harriet, althouh if you haven’t read JJPOR’s other stories about them, you should), other than Lord Charles Gilmour was played by Anthony Ainley.