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Fandom links April 8, 2009

Some information about the other ‘fandoms’ (TV shows, books, films etc.) crossed here. Usual disclaimer: I take no responsibility for external links. (The more ‘obscure’ the fandom, the more info here.)

(Note on order – arranged as WordPress arranges the categories, for ease. Much as it pains me to alphabetise an author by his/her first name…)


Agatha Christie
UK Crime novelist (1890-1976) – the Queen of Crime. See the official website, which has just about everything on it.
Wikipedia entry
All About Agatha Christie (fan site)
Poirot series
UK – crime novels / various films & plays/ ITV series (1989-current – uniquely, semi-series and one-off episodes have been made with the same leading actor for 21 years now. Agatha Christie was dissatisfied, as were most of her fans, by every actor to portray Poirot, but it’s generally agreed that David Suchet’s performance would surely have won her approval.)
Hercule Poirot Central (Unofficial website).
ITV’s Poirot site
series entry on Wikipedia
Wikipedia entry for the book series

Miss Marple
UK crime noves/ BBC 1980s drama starring Joan Hickson / ITV drama (starring Geraldine McEwan 2004-9/Julia McKenzie, 2009-10) / various films & plays
Wikipedia entry for the ITV series
Book series on Wikipedia
ITV’s official Marple site
Wikipedia entry for the BBC Miss Marple series


All Creatures Great and Small
UK TV – 1970s / 1980s BBC vet drama, based on the books by James Herriot. (The TV show featured Peter Davison as Tristan Farnon, hence the tendency to crossover DW with this old BBC Drama.)
Brief info and title sequence on BBC website here.
Wikipedia info for the books
Wkipedia entry for the TV series


Babylon 5
US TV (1993-1999): Wikipedia entry
Episode Guide


UK TV. 1990s historical (hysterical?) comedy starring Rowan Atkinson.


Blake’s 7
UK TV sf series. 1978-1980. It is a DW crossover in its own right – created by Terry Nation, produced by David Maloney, script-edited by Chris Boucher etc etc.
For fic and so on, the lj community b7fic has links to all the main fan fic archives.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Angel
US TV – Joss Whedon’s two most famous creations.


Carry On Films
Series of low budget British comedy films 1958-1978; directed by Gerald Thomas and produced by Peter Rogers. Many of the films were scripted by Talbot Rothwell. Starred a recurring cast, generally: Kenneth Williams, Joan Sims, Charles Hawtrey, Hattie Jacques, Barbara Windsor, Kenneth Connor, Jim Dale, Bernard Bresslaw and Peter Butterworth. In a DW context (aside from a couple of familiar names there already), Bernard Cribbins, William Hartnell, Jon Pertwee and Roy Castle all made appearances. More info can be found at the Wikipedia entry, which has links. And, all together now: “Infamy, infamy – they’ve all got it in for me!”


Chalet School series – Elinor M. Brent-Dyer
UK children’s books (1925-1970)
Fans, books and information can be found atFriends of the Chalet School and the The New Chalet Club.
Wikipedia entry here.
There’s also a LiveJournal comm with fic – Freudesheim. It’s not very busy, but what fic there is is pretty stunning by and large.


Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Children’s film starring Dick Van Dyke, taken from a children’s book by Ian Fleming. (Suddenly this is making me wonder about Mary Poppins crossovers…)


Diana Wynne Jones
UK children’s / fantasy writer. Best known for her Chrestomanci series; also the author of Howl’s Moving Castle (the book behind the film) and the amazing Tough Guide to Fantasyland. There is a Live Journal comm, with plenty of intelligent discussion: dianawynnejones. No fic, there, but try Yuletide for a start.


Discworld / Terry Pratchett
UK fantasy writer. The Discworld, as surely everybody knows anyway, is his most famous (and lengthy) series.


Doctor Who
UK TV sf show. Oh come on, this is a Doctor Who site… I’ve already put up links to Teaspoon, the main fan fiction archive anyway.


Georgette Heyer
UK historical & crime novelist (1902-1974), best known for her witty and accurate Regency romances. There’s a dedicated website here for those who want to know more. For fic, your best bet is probably something like Yuletide.


US Film, 1950: Wikipedia entry


Just A Minute!
UK Radio panel show – comedy. (From 1967)
Wikipedia Entry
The BBC has information on the Radio 4 Official website.


Narnia / The Chronicles of Narnia / C S Lewis
British writer C S Lewis’s series of seven children’s books. (Also made into BBC TV shows in the 1990s and two recent films). C S Lewis was an English professor at Oxford and Cambridge and Christian apologist.


The Number 1 Ladies Detective Agency
UK series of books set in Botswana by Alexander McCall Smith (and TV show from 2009).


P G Wodehouse
British writer. He wrote many light-hearted comedies and is most famous for the Jeeves and Wooster novels (also a TV show on ITV starring Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry – some crossovers may be directly with this rather than the books) and the Blandings chronicles, featuring the Earl of Emsworth, his formidable sisters and unsquashable brother Galahad (not forgetting that magnificent animal, the Empress).


Press Gang
UK TV Teen show (1989-1993), written by Steven Moffat for ITV.
Episode Guide (with quotes and trivia).
Show Wiki
press_gang_icons (LJ comm for Press Gang graphics.)


Queen of Swords
US TV (2000-1) Wikipedia info


Red Dwarf
UK TV 1980/1990s sf comedy. (Oh, and 2009…) I’m not even going to try and explain.


UK TV spy drama (known as MI5 elsewhere around the globe). (From 2002).
A good fan forum can be here.
There’s an active LJ comm (including fic) – spooky_doings.
The BBC have an official website here.


Doctor Who spin-off set in Cardiff.



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