Star Crossed

Doctor Who fanfiction crossovers recs & more

Star Trek: Voyager November 8, 2010

Title: Five Times the Doctor Got in the Way of Captain Janeway (and One Time They Got Along Just Fine)
Author: vvj5
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 5526
Characters: Eleventh Doctor, First Doctor, Vicki, Third Doctor, Jo Grant, Ninth Doctor, Eighth Doctor, Charley Pollard, Kathryn Janeway, Chakotay, Tom Paris, Tuvok

A case of multi-era nonsense by me in which the Doctor and Janeway keep running into each other in the wrong order, so I’ll say no more.


Angel May 15, 2010

Title: Boys (or Down With the Patriarchy)
Author: uktechgirl
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 3392
Characters: Seventh Doctor, Ace, Angel, Wesley Wyndham-Price, Winifred Burkle, Charles Gunn, Harmony, Lorne, Spike. (Set S5 for Angel; hints of both Ace/Fred, and Wesley/Fred).

This is just gorgeous, and I don’t say that lightly. It’s well-written and with everyone in character, some lovely gems of lines, while musing on the nature of Doctors and Companions, Watchers and Slayers, and Boys and Girls. And Angel phones security just to say, “You suck.” If there were more crossovers like this, fandom would be a better place.


Title: Strangers in the Night
Author: Suzanne
Rating: All ages / PG
Word Count: 2755
Characters: Eighth Doctor, Angel, Charley

A chance encounter on a railway station in 1932. A good, thoughtful piece with excellent characterisation all round. And I do like the nod to Brief Encounter, too.


Diana Wynne Jones April 8, 2009

If I say there should be much more of these, will somebody write me some?

Howl’s Moving Castle

What Planet Are You From? by TigerKat
All Ages
Word Count: 755
Characters: Jack Harkness, Toshiko Sato, Owen Harper, Howl (Howell Jenkins), Sophie, Calcifer.

As TigerKat points out, Torchwood is based in Cardiff and investigates odd activity. Howl is from Cardiff and definitely counts as odd. And so two of the handsomest and vainest characters in sf/fantasy meet up, Owen becomes a frog and Sophie and Tosh are sensible. There’s only one complaint: please, please write the rest of the week…


The Tough Guide to Fantasyland

Naked Without A Sword by vvj5 (yes, me again. Sorry.)
All Ages / PG
Word Count: 300 (Three drabbles)
Characters: Seventh Doctor, Ace, Eighth Doctor, Charlotte Pollard, Fifth Doctor, Tegan Jovanka, Turlough.

I love DWJ’s The Tough Guide to Fantasyland (which should be called the Cure for Cliched Fantasy really). In these drabbles, three Doctors take the Tour and attempt to safely purchase a sword.


Spooks / MI5 April 4, 2009

I will get around to the usual suspects among crossovers soon, but this one’s close to my heart as Spooks (MI5 to those outside the UK) is my second favourite drama. So, yes, three out of four of these are by me…

Anarchist Sprites by vvj5
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 17,769
Characters: Eighth Doctor, Charley Pollard, Ruth Evershed, Zafar Younis, Harry Pearce, Colin, Macolm Wynn-Jones, Adam Carter, Fiona Carter, Juliet Shaw.

Set mid S4, the Doctor and Charley land up in the middle of an MI5 operation, which turns out to involve a non-terrestrial terrorist group.

Oh, and Daibhid Ceanaideach kindly wrote me a drabble coda that had Jools Siviter of MI6 (Hugh Laurie) in it. Joy!


Another Time by bugiarda
All Ages
Word Count: 678
Characters: Tenth Doctor, Jo Portman, Zafar Younis

A lovely little vignette for Jo and the Doctor, providing a link between actress Miranda Raison’s two characters (she is both Jo in Spooks and Tallulah in Daleks in Manhattan.) On a train with actual Spooksiness going on.


Defence of the Realm by vvj5
All Ages
Word count: 3764
Characters: Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, Harry Pearce, Malcolm Wynn-Jones, Juliet Shaw

It seemed obvious to me if to no one else that two defenders of the realm like Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart and Harry Pearce would meet. Set around 5.6 for Harry (so it does contain Spooks spoilers for up to that point.)


I also wrote a This Time Round story in which Tessa invaded the Round, out to cause trouble, with Ruth on her tail. This Time Round is explained here, but it’s all set Outside Reality, so it’s a little crazy. A good knowledge of DW may be needed!

Plot and Loophole – Part One; Part Two; Epilogue by Vicky J (vvj5)
All Ages
Word Count: 7,938
Characters: Polly, Ben Jackson, Second Doctor, Jamie McCrimmon, Tessa Phillips, Ruth Evershed, Delgado Master, Ainley Master, Movie Master, Eighth Doctor, Fifth Doctor, Tegan, Turlough, Adric, Nyssa (et. al), Francois

Tessa’s out to take over the Round (mostly due to boredom) and Ruth has fun with the regulars trying to stop her. The Masters get their secrets revealed. Warnings for nonsense only, really.