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Sapphire & Steel December 7, 2011

Title: Pets
Author: hearts_blood
Rating: All ages
Word Count:
Characters: Fourth Doctor, Steel, Sarah Jane Smith

An excellent and interesting short crossover, but it will make a lot more sense if you have seen Assignment Three of Sapphire & Steel. (So also has some mild spoilers for that story.) But I like the meeting and the way it works, because the two universes aren’t as easy to mesh as they seem on appearances.



Title: Interlude in Café-Space
Author: Annariel
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 665
Characters: Romana II, K9, Sapphire, Steel

In which Romana provides a neat and well-done fixit for Sapphire & Steel’s final episode – so beware spoilers if you’re unfamiliar with the crossover show.


Neverwhere November 23, 2010

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Title: Mind The Gap
Author: moonmonkey
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 60,992 (18 chapters)
Characters: Eighth Doctor, Fitz Kreiner, Anji Kapoor, Romana

Again, I don’t know the cross, but this is also simply a well-written fic tied into the EDAs.


Ramona – Beverly Cleary April 15, 2010

Title: Ramona and the Blue Box
Author: Primsong
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 8837
Characters: Fourth Doctor, Romana II, K9, Ramona Quimby

A crossover from Primsong is a rare and beautiful thing and this is a joy from start to finish. No aliens, or end of the world threats, but a lot of fun and some nice juxtaposition of the two worlds that collide here. I think I may, once have read one of the Ramona books, but I can still recommend this engaging fic wholeheartedly.


Firefly/Serenity February 8, 2010

Title: Ordinary Day
Author: Doctor Tam
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 2073
Characters: Fourth Doctor, Romana I, Adric, Mal Reynolds, Zoe Washburne, Kaylee Frye, Jayne Cobb, River Tam, Simon Tam

It’s just another day for both crews. (You know, I don’t think I’ve found a bad cross for this fandom yet.) Mal’s got mystery stowaways and the TARDIS crew are trying to escape.


Title: Drowning His Sorrows
Author: HonorH
Rating: All Ages / PG
Word Count: 720
Characters: Jack Harkness, Wash

Captain Jack dishes out romantic advice.


Stargate January 24, 2010

Stargate Atlantis:

Title: Pit Stop
Author: jinxed_wood
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 773
Characters: Fourth Doctor, Romana II, John Sheppard, Rodney McKay, Teyla Emmagan, Elizabeth Weir, Ronon Dex.

The Stargate team encounter Four and Romana. Naturally much bemusement on their part ensues.



Title: With Friends Like These, Who Needs Goa’uld?
Author: Forge
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 2565
Characters: Daleks, Jack O’Neill, Daniel Jackson, Sam Carter, Teal’c (AU)

The Stargate team make an alliance with the Daleks against the Goa’uld.


House December 11, 2009

Title: Not Quite A Normal Day
Author: Settiai
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 1974
Characters: Fourth Doctor, Romana II, Lisa Cuddy, Gregory House, Robert Chase, Eric Foreman, Allison Cameron, James Wilson.

Another excellent cross. Because it’s so well done, I’ll forgive it entirely the pocket watch theme, which doesn’t half seem to reccur in crossovers lately. And it is – great fun, even for the ignorant reader like me and hope for Romana is never a bad thing.


Shakespeare in Love December 6, 2009

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Title: Romeo, Juliet, young John and the Doctor
Author: Wizard of Os
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 1515
Characters: Fourth Doctor, Romana II, K9, John Webster

An enjoyable and unusual crossover, with a minor (historical) character getting a bit of an education in between scenes.